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“Penny is a sensitive and skilled professional who understands nuances and subtleties when it comes to massage with always great results!” 

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Dr. Diana Barnes, Psy. D, MFT

“Penny is a highly-skilled and intuitive bodyworker. My years in corporate America and now as an entrepreneur have embedded stress within my body. Penny's ability to tune into the unique ways I hold onto tension helped me release that stress on a much deeper level than I had experienced in a very long time. The power of healing touch is embodied through Penny in her work. I highly recommend her!” 

Meenal Kelkar, MBA, PRYT


“Having worked as a massage therapist, I am incredibly picky about who I will let work on me. Her experience and knowledge of different techniques are phenomenal. Her body work is subtle, yet incredibly effective. Penny is the only therapist I will let work on me. I HIGHLY recommend her!” March 8, 2011

Carol Lee, Professional Realtor


“Penny Ranan has been employed by Bodysattva Healing Arts Center since 2004 as a massage therapist/bodyworker. From the beginning of her employment, Penny has proven herself not only remarkably skillful and versatile but consistent, reliable and trustworthy. She adapts herself to the particulars of each patient and approaches every individuals concern with skill, utilizing all of her diverse massage and bodywork knowledge implementing what is most appropriate. When dealing with patient’s unusual health issues, she takes guidance/constructive direction earnestly into her work and when recommendations have not been made, she skillfully and effectively works with their needs. She has range and flexibility with regard to her skills, coupled with a keen sense of the body and knowledge of movement, creating a unique bodywork experience producing a strong following of dedicated clients.” March 1, 2011

Dr. Shana Berger, DC


Penny brings a sensitivity and professional awareness of how and what to do to make you and your body feel better.  Her variety of techniques, strength, and spiritual connection during the massage calms and heals the soul.  Anyone with recurrent neck and shoulder pain knows how important an effective massage is.

S. Hensel-Cohen, MS, CCC

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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